Menu Item of the Week: Mindy's Chai Hot Chocolate

Winter is clearly among us, and the temperatures in Chicago have dropped below zero. What better way to warm up than with a cup of hot chocolate?

Mindy's Hot Chocolate is a one-stop hot cocoa shop that has made its home in Wicker Park since 2005. They offer a wide array of hot chocolates, including special recipes like their Mexican-style hot chocolate, which features both dark and milk chocolate, a dash of cinnamon and cayenne, and a kick of espresso. Each hot chocolate is even served with a house-made marshmallow. 

There is a lot to pick from at Mindy's, but the chai hot chocolate definitely stood out on the menu. This beverage is a blend of the Mexican hot chocolate, chai, and dark chocolate. The flavors add just the right amount of spice to awaken the taste of dark chocolate. We must admit, the best part was the frothy marshmallow that melted on top. 

The chai hot chocolate is priced at $8, if you want to add a shot of brandy, cognac, whiskey, or rum, it will be an additional $8. Even if you try another hot chocolate on the menu, Mindy's Hot Chocolate is a must-try, especially during these cold winter months.