Menu Item of The Week: Caribbean Jerk Palace's Jerk Chicken Pizza

Updated 11/15/17

Chicago’s food scene represents the diversity in the city. There is cuisine from multiple cultures — and plenty of options for fusions and influences, as well. At Carribean Jerk Palace, there is a taste of Jamaican flavors, soul food and street fare, all served at a no-frills counter service establishment. This week, we selected the jerk chicken pizza, which is creative and uniquely tasty.

On this pizza, the traditional tomato sauce is replaced with a sweet jerk sauce, then layered with Jamaican-style grilled chicken. An extra helping of cheese tops this pizza before it is baked to perfection.

This pizza is definitely a hidden gem on Chicago's West Side. It is priced at $20.99 and only comes in one size, which can feed three to four people. Or just one, if you can't get enough of it.