Mayor feuds with Trump administration over consent decree

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is once again feuding with the Trump administration, this time over reform of the city’s police department.

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he plans to block proposed police reforms set to take effect as part of a consent decree. 

The consent decree was negotiated with the city, the Chicago Police Department and the state. It was a result of the largest ever federal probe of a city’s police force. The investigation concluded that change was needed in the police department.

The Attorney General has been critical of the agreement, which would require that officers notify a supervisor when they point a gun at someone.

Sessions says the agreement is responsible for a spike in homicides in the city. There aren’t any facts to back that up. Emanuel says the amicus brief from Sessions will hold little weight and won’t have an impact on the reforms going forward. He even says the media is “getting played” for thinking otherwise.

There is set to be a hearing over the consent decree at the end of the month. 

Photo: iStock/tupungato