Major funding for Ida B. Wells monument complete

A major hurdle has been cleared in the effort to get a statue of Ida B. Wells in Chicago. On Monday, July 16, the birthday of civil rights leader and journalist Ida B. Wells, 900 people raised $40,000 dollars to erect a statue in her honor.

That money all came from a social media push. The monument is set to be built in Bronzeville on 37th and Langley Avenue, near Well’s old Chicago home. Donations will cover the granite and bronze needed for the structure.

The monument will be designed and built by Richard Hunt, a Chicago native and world-renowned artist. It will be at least 20 feet tall and will have a large base where excerpts of Wells's writings will be engraved.

This has been a decade in the making. Work on the monument is expected to begin in the fall with hopes for completion by 2019.