Five of the Cutest, Heart-melting Dog Moments Ever

We love our furry friends because they make us laugh, put a smile on our faces, and are simply the best (sometimes even better than humans). Our viewers share their cute dog moments with us all the time and we even show them on TV! Here are some of the most adorable moments we have recently received!

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Payton and Stanley from Park Forest are definitely enjoying the dog days of summer (pun intended) with a little pool time. They only have a few hot days left!  

If only we could just lay in the grass and play all day with little Karli. No one car resist a puppy face! 

O my goodness, it is a doggie in a teddy bear costume! 

Clearly these two pups are the best of friends and they are giving us all of the feels.

Look at those puppy dog eyes! This pup can have all of the treats!