A Dog Meet Dog World

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Jackson Bark—this is often what Todd Agosto, the architect of the Jackson Park dog park, will say, only half-jokingly, when asked about his pet project.

To compare the construction of a dog park to the construction of one of the greatest cities in history may strike some as odd—irreverent, even. But if not taken too literally, and if adjusted for scale, the comparison isn’t entirely inappropriate.

Jackson Bark occupies two full tennis courts—long out of use, according to Agosto—that butt up against the Jackson Park Driving Range. It is the third-biggest dog park in all of Chicago and the biggest by far on the South Side. And it’s luxurious, as far as dog parks go: the grounds are spotless and full of agility obstacles like seesaws and A-frames. Creative signage, a first aid kit, and hydration corners (“pup pubs”) are to be found along each side.

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