The 7 best signs from the 2016 Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon lures the some of the most dedicated runners for a 26.2 mile tour of our breathtaking city. Many of these athletes run to support multiple charities and causes, and their family and friends are there to support them — either to provide an extra boost of motivation or some reason to crack a smile and take their mind off the pain.

Check out seven of the best signs we spotted at the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

You should have seen how fast people zoomed off after one tap of this sign.

Basically, anyone can run.

And this is your reason to keep going.

Printing headshots is dedication. But with a quick flip of the sign...

You'd be surprised at how many runners replied, "Me too!"

This is just a shameless plug and a good wingwoman.

Both are an accomplishment in our book.

Congratulations to all the runners who completed the 2016 Chicago Marathon!