Measles Warning: 2nd Infected Person Travels Through O'Hare 01/18/18 1:30PM

Heath officials say we are not facing a measles outbreak and the travelers did not contract the virus at the airport. But people who were exposed are being notified because the measles virus is highly contagious. The latest case happened January 9 at terminal 5 - when the infectious person arrived at the airport. If you were in terminal 5 on either of those dates, you are encouraged to contact local health officials or the CDC. You may also want to consult a doctor. Symptoms may not be showing up yet. But they could by the end of the month or early February. The measles lingers more than 2 hours after an infected person is in the area and it can be breathed in or contracted by touching a surface. The CDC says most new cases are seen in international travelers.