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Our 31 Year Old Son Is A Violent Mooch And Refuses To Stop Abusing Us And Leave Our House

"Karen and Jim claim they are desperate to remove their violent and mooching 31-year-old son, Kyle, from their home. They claim they have filed a retraining order against him and even had him arrested for criminal trespassing, but say Kyle is still in their home. The parents say Kyle depends on them for all his basic needs, and they claim he wants them to provide him with more money, a car, and financial help. Karen and Jim also claim Kyle physically assaulted both of them, leaving them bruised, and Kyle has been arrested and served time behind bars on multiple occasions. Kyle says his parents are to blame for his financial situation and, as parents, should be doing more to help him get on his two feet, instead of keeping him in the hole he says they helped put him in."