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The straight-shooting Dr. Phil is TV’s leading human behavior expert. Using his no-nonsense style, he helps his guests confront their problems and take control over their behavior.
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My Mom Is Out Of Control Since Dad Died. She Lost 100 lbs., Parties, and Plans to Run Away With A Man She's Never Met.

"Hannah wrote into the show saying she was desperate to get help for her 59-year-old party mom, Teresa. Hannah claims her mom has changed for the worse since losing over 100 pounds and the death of her husband, Hannah's father. Hannah's sister, Charlie, says she's worried her mom's behavior is going to lead to her death. Teresa says she's been a caretaker all her life, and now it's time for her to focus on herself. Hannah claims Teresa bounces from man to man, spends money on clothes instead of bills, and has multiple online and real-life boyfriends. Both sisters are looking for Dr. Phil's help to put an end to their mom's behavior."