Judge Faith

Kung Fu Roger; Squatter Roger


Paternity Court

Ashley v Bullock


Dr. Phil

Haley's Meltdown: More With The Guest Claiming She Was Pregnant With Baby Jesus More

"Dr. Phil speaks with Haley, the teen who said she was convinced she was pregnant with baby Jesus, who now says she realizes her pregnancy wasn't real. However, she says she still hears multiple voices, one of which she says is her baby letting her know he's alive and OK. What else does she say the voices tell her, and why does she say she pulled a knife on her neighbor? Will Haley go back to treatment? Find out and see what happens backstage when Haley's family shows her some much needed tough love."

T.D. Jakes

The Moment that Changed the Rest


Steve Wilkos Show

Confession Leads To Stunning Reactions More

"On today's Steve Wilkos Show, Cortez admits to giving his girlfriend, Mallory an STD on two occasions and claims she can't be trusted. Why? Mallory confessed that she was sleeping with an ex around the time she conceived their baby. So Cortez refuses to commit to Mallory until he knows for sure whether or not he's the father of her 9-month-old daughter. The stakes are high and the results could either keep this family intact or tear them asunder."

Jerry Springer Show

Sex With Your Twin Sister More

"Today on the Jerry Springer Show, Avian believes he's gotten himself into double trouble. He cheated on his girlfriend and mother of his child Santasia. But when the couple started having problems and things became distant, he wanted the comfort of another woman just like her. So he did the unthinkable and hooked up with Santasia's twin sister Santusia. Plus, Tee says she won't give up on her man Dee no matter what. While they've been together for three years, Dee has cheated on Tee on multiple occasions. She's about to learn some new information today but has no idea what she's in store for. Later, Jason says his love for the strip club is getting him into some hot water with his girlfriend Leslie. He took things too far with a stripper but wants to come clean about it with Leslie and hopes she can find it in her heart to forgive. Will she? Find out on today's Jerry Springer Show."

The Verdict with Judge Hatchett


The King of Queens

Pour Judgment More

Doug decides to pursue a long-abandoned dream to become a bartender, much to Carrie's angst. Although she starts to warm up the the idea, Doug soon realizes that dreams are not always what they are cracked up to be. Meanwhile Arthur enters the dangerous w

The King of Queens

Supermarket Story More

Carrie has Thanksgiving Day planned but is guilted into making a homemade meal which leaves her with less than a day to make a meal for ten people.

Mike & Molly

Windy City More

"When Peggy breaks up with Patrick, Mike tries to reunite them; as a tornado reaches Chicago, Molly and Mike reveal important news to each other."

Mike & Molly

Carl Gets A Girl More

"Mike allows Carl to bring a date to his apartment, so he decides to spend some time at Molly's house where he actually manages to bond with Molly's mother and sister."

How I Met Your Mother

Come On More

"Ted utilizes a Native American rain dance to keep Robin from going on a camping trip; and Marshall and Lily end up in a very heated argument over Lily’s plan to accept a summer art fellowship in San Francisco"

How I Met Your Mother

The Pre-nup More

"As Barney’s wedding to Quinn approaches, Barney asks Quinn to sign a pre-nup. Outraged by his demands, Quinn draws up a pre-nup of her own for Barney to sign, as a battle of the sexes ensues."
On Now 9:00pm

2 Broke Girls

And the Maybe Baby More

"The girls run into Caroline's newly engaged ex, Candy Andy, and Caroline offers to make his wedding cake. Later, when she sees Andy's seemingly perfect relationship and how he supports his fiancee's career, she wonders if she should have stayed with him."

2 Broke Girls

And the Married Man Sleepover More

"For her dinner date at Nicholas' loft, Caroline asks Max and Deke to join them so she can control herself and avoid doing anything wrong."
Remind Me


The Airport More

When their flight home gets canceled, Jerry & Elaine gets on another flight, the latter gets cramped into coach and Jerry parties in 1st class with a model. George and Kramer go between JFK and La Guardia to pick them up. When they settle on an airport Ge
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The Pool Guy More

Elaine has tickets for an historical clothing exhibit and realizes that she has no female friends; Jerry suggests that she ask Susan. Kramer suggests that is the wrong move and that George's worlds will collide. Jerry meets his pool guy outside a movie, a
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Rules Of Engagement

Singing and Dancing More

When Timmy joins an a cappella group, he wants to keep it a secret from Russell. Meanwhile, Jeff and Audrey discover they have a new annoying neighbor.
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Rules Of Engagement

Jeff's Wooby More

Audrey is scared by Jeff's constant reminiscing about each t-shirt's significance. After a little while, she starts to wonder if his best times in life may have come before her. Russell thinks he's got the perfect girl when she keeps making sexy comments
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Family Guy

Baby, You Knock Me Out More

"Peter coaxes Lois into entering an amateur boxing match, where Lois easily defeats her opponent—launching her career as a professional pugilist."
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Family Guy

Candy Quahog Marshmallow!

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Pawn Stars

Pawn With The Wind More

"A Clark Gable signed $1 bill is brought into the store, as well as a Wells Fargo double barrel shotgun, and a souvenir from Ulysses S. Grant's funeral."
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Judge Faith

Text Threats; Repo Outta Hell More

"A man faces his ex-lover who he claims treated him like a child and destroyed property. A truck owner faces a tow company who she says damaged her repossessed vehicle."
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Paternity Court

Strempke v Jaramillo More

"An Iowa man doubts that he's the father of his girlfriend's two children."
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