Judge Faith

Check Cashing Con More

"A woman claims her friend paid her back with a bad check, but he says the check was completely legitimate."

Paternity Court

Thomas v. Nelson More

"The paternity of the fifth child is in question after a North Carolina man disappeared to marry another woman."

Dr. Phil

From PTA Mom To Addicted And Homeless In Her Luxury SUV More

"Carrie reveals that after a series of medical issues, she became dependent on the prescription medication her doctors prescribed, eventually leading her to an addiction to heroin. Her husband, Christopher, says it's this addiction that forced him to have the courts remove Carrie from their home and file a restraining order to keep her from their 15-year-old daughter, which left this former PTA mom homeless and living out of her luxury SUV. Carrie says nothing can keep her clean, even flatlining twice and being medically forced to wear a lifesaving resuscitation vest. How will Carrie's husband and adult daughter react when Carrie reveals she is not only driving her 15-year-old daughter under the influence, but she had also used heroin in the school bathroom at her teen daughter's sporting events?"

Paternity Court



Couples Court



Steve Wilkos Show

Your Family Is Trying To Destroy Us More

"On today's Steve Wilkos Show, Michelle is 28 years old and raising her 2 year old son by herself because she says she can't count on her 52 year old ex-boyfriend Dana. Why? Michelle dumped him a few months ago and that's when he started denying her son. Plus, Ciera says Antonio is the man she's been waiting for. But everyone around them, including co-workers and family members are claiming that she's a cheater. Ciera is desperate to prove she is not the person everyone says she is. But what will the results of the lie detector test reveal?"

Jerry Springer Show

We Can Share Him More

"On today's Jerry Springer Show, Alivia refuses to let anyone come in between her friendship. She's good friends with a guy named Eric, but his girlfriend Bree takes exception to their relationship. Now Eric must choose which woman to be with. Next, Brandi has been sleeping with her friend Makeba's baby daddy Lamar. Brandi is hoping for an arrangement in which she shares Lamar. Makeba refuses to let another woman break up her family and hopes to convince her boyfriend Dillon. She suspects he's been cheating on her again and stooped to an all-time low by hooking up with her good friend Brooke. See why Summer's relationship is quickly headed for a fall on an all new Jerry Springer Show."

The King of Queens

Holy Mackerel More

"Doug and Carrie run into Father McAndrew at the fish market. They exchange pleasantries and as they are parting ways, Father McAndrew tells them that he would love to see them in church sometime. Unsure of how to decline politely, the Heffernans instead agree to attend Sunday's services. During the service, Carrie reflects on the one thing that she really needs help with a raise. Miraculously, the following day, Carrie receives word that her prayers have been answered and that she is getting her raise. Much to Doug's dismay, Carrie's prayers turn to more frivolous things like shoe sales. He does his best to convince her that God would never approve of her prayers, but soon enough Carrie catches Doug praying for the Jets to win their latest football game. Meanwhile, Arthur hosts an open house in order to sell the house. Unfortunately, he hasn't mentioned a word of his efforts to Doug or Carrie, the homeowners."

The King of Queens

Horizontal Hold More

"After Deacon and Kelly's separation, Carrie begins to wonder about her own marriage. She and Doug agree to put their sex lives on hold for a few weeks because Carrie feels that they should resolve arguments verbally, not always physically. Meanwhile, Arthur dates a woman who claims she was once Frank Sinatra's girlfriend."

Mike & Molly

Shoeless Molly Flynn More

"Molly needs to adjust her spending habits on shoes if she wants to maintain harmony in her marriage."

Mike & Molly

Samuel Gets Fired More

"When Samuel loses his job and apartment, Mike lets him move into his place."

The Game

Move Trick, Get Out of the Way More

"Melanie and Derwin butt heads during the Sabres championship game week while Malik gets in a heated dispute when picking Jenna up from rehab. Also, Jason makes a decision about Chardonnay and his relationship with her; Pookie offers Tasha help."

The Game

The Championship Game Episode More

"In the season finale, Derwin and Melanie finally come to a resolution of the problems in their relationship; Malik faces the harsh reality of his relationship with Jenna; Chardonnay fights for Jason."

2 Broke Girls

And The Fat Cat More

"Max and Caroline's missing cat, Nancy, is returned by a handsome businessman; and Nancy comes home with a big surprise."

2 Broke Girls

And The French Kiss More

"Caroline finds out something about Chef Nicholas, after a hot make-out session with him."


The Bizzaro Jerry More

"Kramer uses a bathroom in an office building and just begins working there. He is "TCB." Elaine sets Jerry up with a friend who is very beautiful, but she has "man hands." George uses a picture of her and passes her off as his dead finance Susan; that gets him into the "Forbidden City" where high priced models hang out. Elaine meets Kevin and some of his friends; they are the exact opposite of Jerry, George and Kramer. With Kramer working, George inside the walls and Elaine hanging out with Kevin, Jerry begins to feel alone. "


The Smelly Car More

"The strong body odor of a valet is left in Jerry's car. George can't believe it when he spots Susan holding hands with another woman. Elaine loses her current boyfriend and Jerry is forced to try to sell the car, because the odor has taken a life of its own and permeated everything. George is turned by Susan's new outlook on life. Susan's friend is swayed to heterosexuality by Kramer, though later turned back off by a whiff of a jacket that Kramer borrowed from Jerry. When the car can't be sold, Jerry winds up leaving it and the keys out on the street."
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Rules Of Engagement

Indian Giver More

Audrey is surprised by Jeff's sudden interest in her favorite reality show until she discovers the reason. Meanwhile, to Russell's delight, Timmy has second thoughts about his impending arranged marriage.

Rules Of Engagement

May Divorce Be With You More

When Audrey (Megyn Price) invites her and Jeff's (Patrick Warburton) recently divorced out of luck friend Steve (GuestStar: Tony Hale) to stay with them for a few days, Audrey thinks she may have become Steve's newest rebound.Meanwhile, Russell's (David S
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How I Met Your Mother

I'm Not That Guy More

"When Marshall is wined and dined by a recruiter from a big corporate law firm, he considers giving up his dream job of saving the earth in favor of the almighty dollar."
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Family Guy

Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey More

"Lois insists that Brian learn to use the toilet so he enlists Stewie as his toilet trainer; Peter feels he’s gotten to old to enjoy life until former President Clinton shows him you’re only as old as you’re willing to act."
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Impractical Jokers

Field of Screams

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Paid Program

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Couples Court


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The Verdict with Judge Hatchett

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Judge Faith

Boobjob Bestie; Without a Trace More

"A woman pays for her friend's breast implants and wants the loan to be repaid - the friend claims the breasts were a gift; A man moves out of the apartment he shared with his girlfriend without warning, leaving her with the lease, and now she wants repayment."
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