Judge Faith

While You Were Sleeping More

"A landlord wants payment for rent, but the tenant said they had an agreement, and she was intrusive and invaded his privacy."

Paternity Court



Dr. Phil

My Mom Is Delusional! She Thinks She's Married To Tyler Perry And Has Sent Her Catfish $100,000! More

"Karla claims that she is in contact via online chats and texting with film industry legend Tyler Perry, and they are married. There's one hitch to this fairytale romance; she's never even met the man she calls her new husband. Dr. Phil received an urgent anonymous email claiming the clock is ticking for Karla who's blowing through her retirement fund to please her online love. Karla's lost her job, house and friends, and alienated family members, and has even lost custory of her two younger children. Her two older daughters, Kelly and Kourtney, join their mother to get her to face the truth about her digital marriage dilemma with the help of Dr. Phil."

Paternity Court



Couples Court



Steve Wilkos Show

The Damage Is Done, Can You Stay Together? More

"On today's Steve Wilkos Show, Andy and Brittany's relationship is full of confessions. He confessed to cheating multiple times and she confessed to sleeping with his own family member. They are here today to lay it all on the line and hope that a lie detector test can help salvage their relationship or perhaps cause them to sever all ties. Next, Kimberly says her life with her husband Brennen has been pure hell because he constantly accuses her of cheating. Brennen claims that she's been sneaking men into their home and now he's denying their 1 year old daughter. Things have gotten so bad with their arguments have even turned physical. Irreconcilable differences or can this family and relationship be saved? Find out on today's all new Steve Wilkos Show."

Jerry Springer Show

Men Get Grilled More

"On today's Jerry Springer Show, KT is trying to get his girlfriend Carrie back. KT is hoping that his plea is enough to convince her to forgive him. But will his social media habits place him and his relationship in a sticky situation? Later, Heather is feeding her desire for the truth. She suspects that her cousin Sabrina might be making advances toward her girlfriend Tang. Is there anything fishy going on between the two? Don't miss when betrayal and chaos collide on today's Jerry Springer Show."

The King of Queens

Dog Days More

"Doug and Carrie's new freshly-starched neighbors appear to have only one flaw a noisy nocturnal dog named Stanley. Closer inspection reveals deeper wrinkles as the Heffernans learn keeping the hound quiet is only one of their neighbor's many personal problems. Doug, who understands the dog just needs a little attention, secretly begins walking the dog. Carrie is angry with Doug for not being tougher with the neighbors, but after a final dysfunctional confrontation about the barking, the Heffernans conclude Stanley is better off with them. Meanwhile, Arthur is certain Charles Schultz is using his likeness as inspiration for Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang."

The King of Queens

Precedent Nixin' More

"Carrie asks Deacon and Kelly to accompany her and Doug to Florida for their visit with the in-laws so that they'll be forced to stay at a hotel instead of with Doug's parents. What looks like a perfect vacation turns into a nightmare when spring breakers invade the hotel, forcing Carrie and Doug to reconsider their future accommodations when visiting the folks. Adding to the misery is the great disappointment shown by Doug's mom over the fact that no one is staying at her house."

Mike & Molly

The World According to Peggy More

"Molly plans a party after hearing that Peggy is suddenly retiring."

Mike & Molly

Molly in the Middle More

"Mike and Molly decide to try having a baby. Carl is upset to learn Molly has been spending time with his ex-girlfriend Christina."

The Game

How Tasha Got Her Groove back More

"Malik tells Tasha that he is having problems with the offensive coordinator, Kenny, so she sets out to settle the problem. At the end, Tasha and Kenny disagree about Malik's career but end up liking each other."

The Game

Rift and Separate More

"A minor argument escalates into a major locker room rift between Jason and Malik that affects their playing relationship on the field. The locker room tension spills over to Kelly and Tasha, leaving Melanie in the middle and in an awkward position when she insists that they all come to her house for a dinner party. Pooch Hall also stars."

2 Broke Girls

And the Partnership Hits the Fan More

"A law firm that's courting Randy for a job invites him and Max to dinner at a hip new restaurant with eclectic cuisine, but the evening veers off course when things don't sit well with Max."

2 Broke Girls

And the Turtle Sense More

"Caroline is excited to go out on her first date with Bobby, but she gets nervous jitters when she realizes Max will be in charge of the dessert bar solo for the first time. Meanwhile, Sophie and Oleg decide to mix things up and try going out on a date instead of staying in."


The Limo More

"On a whim, Jerry and George take a limo from a passenger that Jerry knows never made it on the plane. While taking the limo they call Elaine & Kramer to join them for an event at Madison Square Garden, but it isn't the type of event they were hoping for."
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The Maestro More

"George is feeling the pressures of his relationship with Susan and decides that he needs to help a security guard that works at her uncle's store. Kramer's friend "Maestro", makes a comment about getting a rental property in Tuscany that makes Jerry decide to do some research. Elaine begins dating the "Maestro." Kramer's out of court settlement in his lawsuit against the coffee house, free coffee at any location around the world, gets him "hopped up on the caffeine." Jerry asks Poppy about Tuscany and is referred to Poppy's cousin, who makes him an offer he can't refuse."

Rules Of Engagement

Sex Toy Story More

When Jennifer (Bianca Kajlich) and Audrey (Megyn Price) throw a "girls only" sex party, Jeff (Patrick Warburton) quickly gets insecure when he finds a "product" Audrey may have purchased. Meanwhile, Russell (David Spade) decides to ditch the single life f
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Rules Of Engagement

Refusing to Budget More

Timmy convinces Russell he needs a budget when the utilities are turned off in his apartment. Meanwhile, Audrey has a mentee who wants to see her office and learn about publishing.
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How I Met Your Mother

Sorry, Bro More

"Ted hooks up with his first love, a girl he dated in college, much to Marshall and Lily's dismay; Marshall forgets to bring his suit pants to work."
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Family Guy

Ocean's 3 1/2 More

"After seven years of pregnancy, Bonnie gives birth to baby Susie, and Stewie immediately falls in love; but when Joe can’t pay the massive hospital bill, Peter and the boys plan to rob Mr. Pewterschmidt. "
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Impractical Jokers


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Paid Program

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Couples Court


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The Verdict with Judge Hatchett

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Judge Faith

Shirt Stop

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