Judge Faith

Soul Food Fiasco More

"A woman wants repayment for a loan she gave her friend to open a soul food restaurant."

Paternity Court

Cooper v Newby More

"A Kentucky man searches for his father's identity."

Dr. Phil

Boyfriend Accused Of Faking Cancer, Lying About Being Kidnapped And Scamming $70,000 More

"Julianne claims her daughter's boyfriend, Leighton, has "lied his way through life" and is turning her beautiful daughter, Mariah, into a liar and a con artist. She claims Leighton lied about being kidnapped, faked cancer and convinced a friend to give him $70,000 for a business that never opened. She claims he even created a crowdfunding page to raise money to treat his alleged cancer. Julianne also blames him for getting her daughter, Mariah, addicted to drugs. But Mariah says Leighton absolutely did not get her addicted to drugs - he just helped her because she has "bad veins". Leighton says Julianne is very controlling and manipulative and constantly tries to break them up because she despises him. In a tense in-studio showdown, Julianne faces off against Mariah and Leighton. Are Mariah and Leighton ready to get help? Why was hotel security called before the show, and what happened after Leighton and Mariah arrived at the studio before the taping?"

T.D. Jakes

Secrets, Lies & Money More

"If you're fighting over money with your better half or have a college student stressing over student loans, you're not alone. On this episode, Bishop Jakes will talk to couples and families who are in conflict over finances. We will meet a young woman who says her life was ruined after she found out that her mother forged her name on private student loans that left her $297,000 in debt. We will then talk to a wife who is up in arms because her handyman husband wants to change careers and become a rock star. She says he is having a midlife crisis and that this career change will cost them $2000 a month that they need to pay for their life. Financial expert and Washington Post Columnist Michelle Singletary, will join the Bishop and give the guests and viewers at home advice on how to manage their money. The Bishop will discuss how views and values can make money a source of tension with couples."

Steve Wilkos Show

Stand Up To Your Mom, You Are The Father More

"On an all new Steve Wilkos Show, Jaite and Latifah share a three year old daughter together. He was at her birth and has been in her life ever since. Latifah revealed there was a possibility Jaite might not be the father to her daughter and would like him to take a paternity test. Embroiled in this paternity mystery, Jaite and his mother Tamitha confront the truth today, but will the outcome be favorable or devastating? Then, everybody was heartbroken after Javon found out that he was not the father of Taylor's two children. His story went viral with over 10 million views. Now both Javon and his mother, Vandalina, are back on the show to give an update you don't want to miss."

Jerry Springer Show

Vendettas Settled Today More

"Today, Jake hopes to win back the heart of his ex-girlfriend Summer. He believes that he's the right one for her and hopes the feeling is mutual. However, Jake finds out that a man named Walter stands in the way and could put a roadblock in his plans. Next, Isis needs a real man with a real plan. She was able to find a man, but one minor issue, he's the boyfriend to her so called friend Isha. Is that what friends are for? Later, Sam claims her boyfriend Brett has gotten lazy over time and she's fed up. So now she wants to be with Brett's brother Brandon. Watch these brothers battle it out for the love of Sam on today's Jerry Springer Show."

The Verdict with Judge Hatchett


The King of Queens

Tank Heaven More

Doug sabotages Carrie's attempts to start hanging out with her co-workers by scaring them off with several crude techniques. Meanwhile, Spence and Danny realize that women like men who take care of the elderly and start using Arthur as bait.

The King of Queens

Furious Gorge More

On the way to a overeating support group, Doug notices an abusive relationship group, and decides to join them instead. Although, Carrie becomes suspicious when he not only gains weight, but begins to cower in her presence.
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Mike & Molly

Mike Goes to the Opera More

"While out on a night of opera, Mike gets sick, and Molly has to fight Mike's mom over who will take care of him."

Mike & Molly

Who's Afraid of J.C. Small? More

"Mike and Carl book Molly's literary idol for driving under the influence."
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How I Met Your Mother

Definitions More

"Things do not go smoothly for Ted as he begins teaching architecture; Barney and Robin continue to have sex despite being unable to express their emotions."
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How I Met Your Mother

Milk More

"When Lily's car breaks down on the way to a secret appointment, Ted postpones a very important date to come to Lily's rescue."
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2 Broke Girls

And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank More

"When Max becomes obsessed with the stray cat hanging around their apartment, Caroline tries to convince her that the cat would be better off if they found it a good home."
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2 Broke Girls

And The Spring Break More

"Max and Caroline find themselves staying in a fancy Manhattan apartment, when they get a job watching a couple's dog while they go on vacation."
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The Little Jerry More

Jerry is humiliated when his clown-pattern bounced cheque is displayed publicly at a local store. Elaine's boyfriend, who shaves his head, is shocked when he learns he's going naturally bald. George enjoys the freedom of dating a convict. Meanwhile, Krame
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The Pony Remark More

Jerry's parents come to town for a 50th anniversary party. Jerry bets Kramer that he won't complete his plans to renovate his apartment with levels in a month. Jerry takes Elaine to the dinner and he makes an observation about children who have ponies, th
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Rules Of Engagement

Mannequin Head Ball More

Stuck with a store Jeff leased for Audrey's fleeting cookie shop, he and Adam stay behind to clean up and discover a new game using the heads of mannequins.
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Rules Of Engagement

Ghost Story More

Audrey is upset when Jeff reveals to her that he does not believe she saw her dead grandmother's ghost. Meanwhile, Russell tries to persuade Timmy not to go through with his arranged marriage.
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Family Guy

Road to India

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Family Guy

"The King" is Dead More

"Lois becomes the director of the production "The King and I" for the Quahog Players theater group. Peters wants to play a role in the production, but becomes more of a nuisance, so Lois decides to make him a producer to get him out of her hair. Peter goes on a power trip and tries to take total control of the play, firing Lois as the director and rewriting the entire play to fit his own vision. The musical is turned into a very interesting, racy cyborg battle."
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Pawn Stars

The King's Bling More

"Items brought into the shop include a necklace once owned by Elvis Presley; a collection of 200 vintage Matchbox cars; a pair of German Pickelhauben helmets from World War I; Rick and the Old Man looks at a WWII Blood Chit; Corey and Chumlee take a look at some Japanese Arcade Games."
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Judge Faith

Reggie's Place; Classic Car Con More

"Childhood friends disagree over money used to buy a used car. A retired mechanic claims his business partner kept the profits from the sale of a classic car they restored together."
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Paternity Court

McCrory/McCrory v Mento/Smith More

"A Michigan woman claims her deceased lover is the father of her 3-year-old daughter, but the man's ex-wife and daughter say she's lying."
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