Can we guess your age based off your Chicago habits?

Oh, Chicago. You truly are a magnificent city. 

With a remarkable restaurant scene, stunning skylines and a taste of every season (most appreciated months: April–November), it can be easy to forget how extraordinary this city is that we call home.

One of the best perks of living in a huge city is fun can be found at all times, regardless of age. We bet we can guess your age based off how you live your day-to-day life in Chicago.
  1. How do you navigate through the city?
  2. Dinner tonight with a friend, where are you headed?
  3. Friday evening rolls around. Where are we most likely to find you?
  4. Coming up on this Saturday afternoon's agenda...
  5. What do you look forward to most during Chicago summers?
  6. What do you call this building?
  7. Which is closest to your usual exercise routine?
  8. Which area is nearest to your home?
  9. Where do you get your morning cup of coffee?
  10. Where do you usually find yourself after a long day of work?
Can we guess your age based off your Chicago habits?

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