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Tiger Lily, Lily for short from

My name is Lily, sadly the first two weeks of my life I was abused, then thrown out of a car window, and landed on side of the road. My sibblings sadly landed on the road all over. Both my tiny front legs have been broken and so was my tail. I now am bowlegged BECAUSE my tiny bones healed that way, and I have a crook in my tail. I lost all my Beautiful fur due to the Stress I've been thru. I now have a Very Loving New mommy, and two wonderful older sisters named Sheena and ELSA, and a brother named Creamsickle. 

Nellie from

Nellie is a 2 1/2 year old female Australian Cattle mix with lots of energy. She does well with other dogs at dog parks and is very smart dog!


  • 01/16
    Tiger Lily, Lily for short from Lake Placid , FL
  • 01/12
    Bella from Chicago, IL
  • 01/11
    Tiger from Cicero, IL

  • 07/13
    Bella from Lemont, IL
  • 05/16
    Eddie from Chicago, IL
  • 01/20
    Von Kemp from Fdsa, AL

Magic from Bournemouth, AL

Jake from Chicago, IL