The Playboy brand is in the midst of a transformation

Over the past year, the iconic Playboy brand experimented to see how tasteful, nudity-free issues of Playboy magazine would resonate with their audience. As of their March/April issue, nudity is back and "Naked is normal."

Former Bunny, Playmate and cover girl Candace Jordan dropped by our studio to tell us more about the future of the Playboy brand.

Candace wasn't thrilled about the shift to begin with. "They did the no-nudes to make it 'safe for work,' and the only thing it did for me was make it 'boring for readers.'"

Chicago native Hugh Hefner turned 91 this past weekend, and his son, 25-year-old Cooper Hefner, sees a bright future for the company which focuses on digital platforms for the Millennial Generation. Candace thinks young Hefner has plenty of potential to grow the company with his 21st-century vision that also keeps with his father's traditional philosophy.

Check out more of what Candace Jordan thinks is coming for Playboy below.