Prosecution rests in Van Dyke trial

The prosecution has rested their case in the murder trial of officer Jason Van Dyke.

However, the defense filed a motion for the judge to forego the jury and make a direct verdict. He denied that request.

One very crucial testimony could set the tone of this case going forward. Urey Patrick is an expert on police deadly use of force. He testified that, in his professional opinion, Van Dyke’s use of force was “unnecessary” because he was not an imminent threat to his safety or others.

He made this conclusion based upon the dash cam video, where it appears McDonald is walking away from officers. When questioned by the defense, he admitted the video does not show all angles and perspectives and can limit his view. Still, he repeatedly said he felt the use of force was unwarranted.

This case could be in the hands of the jury by the end of next week.