Menu Item of the Week: Bombo’s Hotter Apple Cider

The temperature has dropped and it is the time of year to bundle up and nurse a cup of hot chocolate, eggnog or cider. The weather shift inspired us to go try one the most decadent cups of warm apple cider around town, at Bombo Bar in the West Loop. 

Bombo Bar, located at 832 W. Randolph, is a window-service coffee and doughnut establishment that is attached to Bar Siena. It has fresh-made Italian doughnuts, gelato, breakfast sandwiches and more. Its "hotter" apple cider is a unique take on the seasonal favorite — and far more just a cup of warm unfiltered apple juice.

For starters, it comes topped with whipped cream and salted caramel. It is served with a pecan-apple, old-fashioned doughnut on the side. This menu item is a full dessert in a cup. 

You can grab a cup of "hotter" cider for $9 at the Bombo window or after a meal at Bar Siena.