A Burge Reparation curriculum is coming to CPS Schools

Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Police Department have partnered to create a curriculum surrounding the Burge Reparation Ordinance. 

Jon Burge, a former Chicago police commander, along with other officers, was accused by more than 100 African-Americans of torturing and physically abusing them while they were in police custody in the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s. Burge was later convicted of lying under oath about his role in the torture and abuse. A reparation order was passed in favor of the victims.

Now Chicago Public School students will be learning about these events in their classes. African-American community leaders, civil rights advocates, law enforcement, academic researchers and the Chicago Teachers Union worked together to create a curriculum that teaches students about these events in order to empower them. The curriculum is designed for eighth and tenth grade students.  

“Only by facing history directly and honestly can we heighten understanding of this dark chapter and increase our ability to confront its challenges,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.